Rain, Sea Dog Brewery and Shell Key meets Lexington, Ky.

July 24th, 2023

One thing Florida Island Adventures prides ourselves on is not only the ability to go to the islands and sand bars, but to also create lifelong relationships with some of the best families America has to offer. Today was one of those days!

We met our amazing crew at the Park Boulevard boat ramp at 10 AM, we departed and almost immediately the sky opened up and it begin raining on us. it was a quick rain and Captain Rodney was able to get the crew out of the storm safely. We took the crew to Sea Dog Brewing Company in treasure Island. They had a wonderful lunch and a nice adult beverage. We were able to sit there for over an hour until the storm passed. Soon we were back on our way, heading to Shell 🐚 Key in Bunces Pass to swim and collect seashells. While there we had a wonderful Manatee swim up to us. We were able to sit and watch him float for several minutes. He was a beautiful creature.

Eventually, it was time to head back. The crew loaded back onto the vessel, and we headed back towards the boat dock. Along the way we were able to go through beautiful Saint Pete Beach, Treasure Island Causeway and Reddington Shores. It was so relaxing.

Captain Rodney and First Mate Julianne are so lucky to have such great people on our boat. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone and we can’t wait for them to come back!

Captain Rodney
First Mate Julianne

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